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Tees, Jumpers & Shirts

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Tees, Jumpers & Shirts

Finding ethical fashion for men can be really hard. Within these pages you’ll discover a selection of organic, fairly traded and handmade tees and shirts for every taste. Whether you are looking for an organic cotton business shirt in a classic style or a casual t-shirt you can be sure that you are choosing a quality sustainably produced garment.

ReCreate offer short and long sleeved organic cotton t-shirts in a range of colours and designs. There are styles for every occasion – from casual everyday wear to a more sophisticated heading out on the town look! Whatever you choose by buying organic cotton you are not only caring for your skin but also saying no to chemical pollution. You can read more about why we should all be wearing organic cotton in our blog post here.

A good man’s t-shirt or shirt is a really flexible piece of clothing that can be adapted for a variety of uses depending what you pair it with. Choosing a quality organic item will pay dividends in the long run not to mention the immediate good vibes from caring for the cotton workers.

If you know of a men’s fashion brand that creates quality sustainable tees, jumpers or shirts that would sit comfortably alongside our other Vendors on the marketplace then suggest them as a Vendor here.

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