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Art & Pictures

Unique art, eco prints, inspirational art, pictures....

WOO100 Wooden Sign - Man Cave A4 Just Great Design
WOO104 Wooden Sign - Emergency Coffee A4 Just Great Design
WOO001 Wooden Sign - Man Cave A5 Just Great Design
Pohutukawa Koru DD Wood Art and Signs
Pohutukawa Fern Frond in Circle DD Wood Art and Signs
WOO002 Wooden Sign - Kapai A5 Just Great Design
WOO103 Wooden Sign - Kapai A4 Just Great Design
WOO010 Wooden Sign - Emergency Coffee A5 Just Great Design

Art & Pictures

This is where you’ll find all our original and unique art, prints and pictures. To be here they have been created with extra thought for the environment – little changes help and by choosing acid free or recycled paper, vegetable inks and printing locally in NZ you know our Vendors care.

You are sure to find a print to brighten up your walls or something uniquely inspirational from Toodles Noodles. If not for you then how about giving art as a gift? Picking the perfect art print for a friend will show how well you really know them!

We’re keen to see more art on these pages, so, if you know a clever Kiwi creator of stylish products designed with sustainability in mind then we would love to see them featuring in our art collection. Suggest them as a Green Elephant Vendor here and we’ll get in touch.

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