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Natural facial oils, facial scrubs, face masks, night cream, toners, face serums, lotions, moisturisers, face creams, lip balms....

Macaroon Lip Balm - Peach 7th Cloud Soaps
Hyaluronic Acid Serum For Problem Skin- Rose (Organic) It's All Good
Organic Lip Balm - Raspberry - Compostable Tube No. 8 Essentials
Purely Essential Hyaluronic +Vitamin C Face Serum 30ml PURELYESSENTIAL
Pomegranate facial moisturiser 100ml Soo's Garden Organic Skincare
Hydrating eye serum 12ml Soo's Garden Organic Skincare
Avocado facial cleanser 100ml Soo's Garden Organic Skincare
Luxe Night Cream Glormhor Skincare
Chia facial day & night cream 30ml Soo's Garden Organic Skincare
SilkyME T Berry Infused scrub Spa Scrub Supplies
Acne Treatment Oil - Organic - 100% Natural No. 8 Essentials
Pomegranate facial cleanser 100ml Soo's Garden Organic Skincare
Natural Face Cream 50ml - Rose Wendyl's Green Goddess
Hyaluronic Acid Serum For Normal Skin - Pure (ORGANIC) It's All Good
Rosehip facial day & night cream 30ml Soo's Garden Organic Skincare
Chia Seed Facial Cleanser 100ml Soo's Garden Organic Skincare
Chamomile facial toner 100ml Soo's Garden Organic Skincare
Ocean & Green - SkinSync Blemish Control Cleanser Oceangreen Organics
Rosehip facial cleansing bar Soo's Garden Organic Skincare
Ocean & Green - SkinSync Blemish Control Serum Oceangreen Organics
Aotearoad Organic Raspberry + Rosehip Lip Balm 8g Aotearoad
Micellar Water (Organic) It's All Good
Pomegranate facial serum 25ml Soo's Garden Organic Skincare
Aotearoad Organic Peppermint + Jojoba Lip Balm 8g Aotearoad
Aotearoad Organic Vanilla + Cacao Lip Balm 8g Aotearoad
HAPPY MAMA Coffee Scrub 120gm Spa Scrub Supplies
Avocado facial day & night cream 30ml Soo's Garden Organic Skincare


Our natural face care range showcases a wide range of products from creative New Zealand businesses. With so much choice and products to suit all skin types you are sure to find what you need to enhance your natural beauty. Whether you are looking for everyday face care, an artisan gift or something special to treat yourself  our face care collection is designed to work in harmony with your body.

You won’t find any harsh chemicals on the list of ingredients that can leave your skin feeling dry and tight. These facial products are full of pure, nourishing, natural and organic ingredients for healthy fresh looking skin. Choosing organic and natural face care is not only better for you but also a great eco choice. By using less chemicals and never testing on animals you know you are truly making a difference.

From facial oils and scrubs to cleansers and toners, lotions and moisturisers to creams and lip balms whether it’s for day or night use you’ll find your natural face care solution within these pages.  However, if you were actually looking for Body Moisturisers or Bathing products then you’re in the wrong place! Take yourself over to our Bath & Body category and you’ll find what you need.

If you are a business that makes or sells natural face care or other beauty products with health and sustainability at your core then we want to hear from you. To join our marketplace and feature alongside our other vendors please get in touch with us here.

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