Selling With Us: FAQs

If you have not already done so we suggest you start by reading our Why Shop With Us and Why Sell With Us pages. The information on these pages together with our FAQs below should provide answers to most of your questions. If there is anything you are still wondering about then please contact us.

I am not based in New Zealand can I sell products on Green Elephant?

We are currently focussing on a New Zealand based business model. However, as Green Elephant grows we plan to expand our Marketplace to include international Vendors. If you would like to know when international businesses are eligible to join Green Elephant then please register your interest by filling out our international mailing list form.

If I fill out the application form am I obligated to join Green Elephant?

You are not obligated to join Green Elephant. The application process gives us the opportunity to find out more about your business and to give you information about how we can work together. We also need to ensure all our Vendors are bona fide businesses that meet our standards and will operate in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

Do I have to pay any membership or joining fees?

No, there are no joining, membership or listing fees on Green Elephant. You pay a flat rate commission percentage for any sales completed.

Do I need professional images of my products to be accepted?

No, you do not need professional images. However, well lit high quality photography does greatly enhance the appearance of your products and therefore leads to increased sales.

When I join Green Elephant how long do I have to sign up for?

You do not have to commit to Green Elephant for any particular length of time but as there is some effort required in setting up your store we suggest you allow a reasonable “bedding in” period to achieve positive results. You are free to leave at any time but you may have outstanding orders to complete and your responsibilities under the Consumer Guarantees Act will continue.

I have applied before can I apply again?

If you have new or updated products that are a better match for our Marketplace then you can certainly get back in touch with us. If your details haven’t changed then you do not need to reapply just drop us a note using our Contact Form.

What products can I sell on Green Elephant?

When you join Green Elephant we will discuss with you and assign the product types that may be listed on our marketplace – you may only list other product types by first contacting us. To be eligible for listing on our Marketplace products must have either Sustainable, Healthy or Ethical characteristics. You will need to assign a number of our Badges to your products and clearly explain why your product is better for the Customer or better for the environment.

You can read more about our Badges on the Our Badges Explained page.

Will I have my own web address?

You will have your own Storefront on Green Elephant where you can write your story, display your logo, list your products, input your delivery charges and highlight any additional terms & conditions or delivery and returns information. The URL for your storefront will be “”.

How will I know when I have a sale?

We will email you after the Customer payment has been authorised. By logging in to your Vendor account you can see your orders, get delivery information and confirm order dispatch.

When and how will I be paid?

We pay Vendors by direct deposit every 14 days for any completed orders in that period.

What/Where are your Vendor Terms and Conditions?

We can assure you our Vendor Terms and Conditions are all very normal and boring. If you apply to be a Green Elephant Vendor we can send you a copy of our standard Terms and Conditions for you to review. Once your application has been accepted you will be asked to formally accept our Terms as part of the Store set-up process.


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