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Welcome to the Green Elephant Blog!
We love all things sustainable, healthy & ethical and this is the place where we put our latest discoveries for sustainable living. Here you will find our thoughts on healthy & ethical products we love, Vendors we love who are focused on caring for people and the environment and generally helpful and interesting information to help you care for the earth and live an eco friendly life.
So, here’s to sustainable, healthy and ethical living! Enjoy.

5+ Upcycled DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

Advent is fast approaching (I’m not going to say how many sleeps….!!) and I’m betting many of you haven’t thought about an advent calendar yet…!! B...
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8 Sustainable Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love You For

Christmas is coming and to help you avoid last minute panic and over spending, I’ve put together 8 of my favourite sustainable gift ideas. Hopefully this w...
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5 Ways to De-Stress with Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is one of the most versatile of the essential oils and research has confirmed that it is very effective at calming the nervous system....
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Eco Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Christmas isn't all about buying extravagant gifts, but a thoughtfully chosen unique gift can make someone's day (or year...)!! Choosing the perfect gift isn...
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13 Ways You Can Reduce Food Waste at Home

Did you know that the average New Zealand household throws away 79kgs of food every year...?? And this is only the food waste that ends up in the rubbish.......
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Top Tips for an Eco Halloween

Halloween is scary in more ways than one…. Researchers in the UK found that over 2,000 tonnes of waste were created in a single year from ‘disposable’...
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5 Minute Soda Bread Recipe

Lots of bread recipes call for yeast. They also ‘need to be kneaded’ and have long resting and proving times. This doesn’t help when you want bread for...
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Introducing Fabric Gift Wrap by Wrapper’s Delight

On Christmas Day 2016, Sarah surveyed the carnage in her house that was a mass of wrapping paper. Sarah is a conscious consumer (if you like) and has been gr...
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Health & Wellbeing

This is where you’ll find all things ‘Healthy Living’. We're talking about diet, exercise, mindfulness, sleep, relationships and more. We take a holist...


Natural Beauty

We’re here to help guide you through the do’s and don’ts of natural beauty. A lot of skincare is full of harmful chemicals but we'll help you understan...


Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is all about reducing our impact on the environment whilst still having fun! Here, you’ll find lots of tried and tested hints and tips i...


Your Healthy Home

Creating a healthy home environment can have a positive impact on you and your family. Using non toxic cleaning products and reducing the number of chemicals...


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