About Aotearoad

Monica, a working mother of two, with a background of Organic farming, and Vanessa, a mother of two boys and a FMCG national business manager, are two parents who want to create something ethical and honest with value to the community and people’s health and well-being. With an aim to educate and demonstrate a healthier way to feed and clean your families.

Aotearoad brings you wild, organic and exotic nutrient dense foods and 100% natural beauty products to incorporate easily into a busy lifestyle. We want to replace (where possible) vitamins in tablet form with actually eating the functional foods that the vitamins are derived from.

Both Monica and Vanessa travelled extensively in our 20’s and noticed along the way that other cultures have their own superfoods, herbs and plants that their grandparents used for health, skin, hair, beauty and nutrition.


After getting married and having children, they realised that current diets aren’t providing sufficient nutrients to our growing families and that we needed to make some changes. By learning from other mothers we met in the Middle East and Asia, we were brought to our first product, Aotearoad Organic Basil Seeds and our second product 100% natural deodorant,handmade 100% in NZ.


Products from Aotearoad