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Bathzen Soothe

Bathzen’s  mission was to create a 100% natural product that was eco-friendly to help with a range of dry and itchy skin conditions.

A product that is gentle and soothing with healing properties to help calm and soften the skin, with ingredient base of colloidal oats and calendula.

Bathzen’s inspiration, Sadie my granddaughter suffers eczema and dry skin, I wanted to find a natural product to help soothe and moisturise her skin.

After a lot of research I found the formulation of Oats and Calendula in the bath had many benefits for dry and itchy skin. After using the Bathzen Baby Bag’s rubbing the bag over the dry patches,  Sadie’s skin appeared less inflamed and itchy.

We have been overwhelmed, with the results from others with similar skin conditions. So we hope you will also find the same benefits and results!

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