About GreenMe Ltd

GreenMe is boutique NZ company which offers a range of products which are handmade by us encompassing most areas of your household from your Bathroom needs (Shampoo Bars, Soap Bars, Foaming Soap concentrates, Foaming Body Scrubs, Bath Salts, Body Butter and Solid Moisturising Bars), Household Cleaning Supplies (Spray Cleaner Concentrates, Cleaning Pastes) & Pets (Dog Shampoo Bar & Paw Balm).  GreenMe also has a range of handmade 100% cotton Cloths, Soap Saver Bags and Scrubbies (for Kitchen or Bathroom).


We recognise that every little change we make has an impact on the environment, so we do not use any detergents, synthetic preservatives, or chemicals.  We use palm oil free, biodegradable ingredients.


Our containers and packaging is recyclable or home-compostable and our 100% Cotton Cloths, Soap Saver Bags and Scrubbies are home-compostable too


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