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harper & leaf is an enviromentally conscious brand offering vegan, palm free and all-natural handcrafted soap bars.

As a registered nurse and mother to four daughters, Lesley’s inspiration behind harper & leaf developed from a desire to remove chemical-based skincare products from a household of teenage girls and also in honour of  her wonderful mum Sally Harper. Lesley is immensely proud of her nursing career which spans over 40 years, but is now equally as proud of her brand harper & leaf.

Every bar of harper & leaf soap creates a bubbly lather perfect for cleansing and moisturising the skin for beautifully nourishing results. Our bars are produced in very small batches using the cold process method before a six-week cure to ensure a hard and long-lasting bar.

Enhance your skincare routine with harper & leaf

Our soap bars are made up of rich skin-loving oils and butters including Shea and Cocoa butter, 100% pure therapeutic essential oils, French, Australian and Brazilian clays, herbs and spices, plant-based colourants and beautiful spray free NZ grown botanicals ranging from rose buds and petals to lavender, calendula, chamomile, jasmine buds and cornflowers. We do not use synthetic dyes or fragrances or titanium dioxide to whiten our soap bars, just 100% natural goodness. We use organic ingredients wherever possible, and our suppliers are Bio-Gro organic certified here in New Zealand.

 * Please note, as our soap bars are handcrafted, each bar will be unique with slight variations and may differ slightly to the image.

Not only are our products beneficial to the skin, but also kind to the planet.  Each bar is carefully and lovingly wrapped using recyclable brown kraft card. We try to keep our packaging to a minimum where possible. We also maintain a no-plastic policy.

harper & leaf are environmentally conscious and palm oil free.

We ensure none of our products are harmful to the environment. In Malaysia and Indonesia where 85% of palm oil is harvested, deforestation causes devastation to the natural habitats of endangered species such as the orangutan and white rhino. This is why at harper & leaf we guarantee none of our soap formulations contain palm oil. Whilst some soap makers opt to use RSPO palm oil, at harper & leaf we prefer to be palm oil free.

We hope you enjoy browsing our range of soap bars – Please note on bulk orders, there will be a 6 week lead time to allow for the freshly handcrafted order of soap bars to cure (a necessity with cold processed soap.). If you have any wholesale needs, we can help so please contact us for further information. We are also happy to tailor make soap bars if you have something particular in mind regarding design, colours and scent. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. You can also stay in touch with us on Instagram @harperandleaf.

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