About Leanne’s Holistic Pantry

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I have been a Holistic Equine Bodyworker for 20 years, and early on learned that Mother Nature has provided us with great alternatives to most supplements and pharmaceutical remedies, and have always encouraged clients to use more natural herbs and remedies to help support their animals and themselves. For several years now I have been using natural remedies and herbs for my little family (people and pets!)

I make Tinctures, Balms, Body Butters and Skin Creams, using natural, organic ingredients, and where I can, home grown herbs.

These are safe for people and fur babies, however, the tinctures are powerful concentrates so we recommend if you are on any  medications, to research any negative interactions that may occur, or check with your Dr for  potential interactions with pharmaceutical drugs.

Tinctures are extracted using alcohol, however if  you place the drops in a small amount of boiling water the alcohol will evaporate off , leaving  it more suitable for children or pets.

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