About No. 8 Essentials

No. 8 Essentials was born from an interest in using essential oils to make natural perfumes (having been put off using synthetic fragrances because of their possible effects on the body).

We still make our 100% natural perfumes – currently in solid form, with liquids coming in the future – but  much research led to a growing realisation that many other natural compounds and plant oils can have very beneficial uses on the body.

As we started to formulate and test our natural products (on ourselves and others – never animals!), the results were convincing, leading to deodorants that worked beyond belief; acne  treatments that cleared up bad breakouts and could even stop pimples from developing; oil mixes that were effective at moisturising lifelong dry skin; etc.

To do justice to the natural products we have used packaging that is as plastic free as we could practically get it. Some products are in “game changing” cardboard tubes that can be placed in your compost or simply buried in the garden. No more messy fingers while putting your natural deo on! No more plastic waste!

After much refinement we are pleased to bring our growing range to you.


Where does the name come from?

8-gauge [number 8] fencing wire came to NZ over 150 years ago and revolutionised our farms. Resources were scarce in our far-flung idyll, so wire scraps were used to repair just about anything around the farm or home. And so NZ’s No. 8 ways began.

We have humble and innovative beginnings, so (over a couple of refreshments at Wellington’s craft beer bars) we added a nod to our use of essential oils and No. 8 Essentials was born!

Products from No. 8 Essentials