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A burst of colour & texture

Plantfetti – What is it?

Wild foraged aromatic leaves, petals, herbs & natives.   Dried to perfection,  preserving the vibrant colour & nature’s subtle scent

How do I use Plantfetti?

Natural Confetti 
The ultimate hand crafted, small batch confetti to enhance your wedding pleasure.  The Small Tin is a perfect size for one person or a couple to use as confetti.    Whereas the  Medium Tin or the  Large attractive Jumbo Jar can be placed near the entrance for guests to use for confetti or sprinkled on wedding tables, entrance way or scattered around the bride for special wedding photo shots.  Composts naturally

Potpourri with a difference!
Place in your favourite bowl or glass or sprinkle around the base of candles or your special place.  Our Potpourri has a subtle, relaxing natural aromatherapy as we select leaves, flowers & natives that produce a delightful smell, free of essential oils (although your favourite oil may be added if you desire).  Plantfetti rich, vibrant colours & textures will keep for around a year or more

A thoughtful Gift for someone special
Bring a burst of cheerfulness to someone’s life.   Stylish packaging, every batch is different, unique colours reflecting different season…bringing nature inside.  A choice of sizes to suit your budget

Creating a feel-good factor
Just stunning and an elegant sprinkle, when dining, workspace, entrance,  in a bowl or sprinkled anywhere you would like to create a relaxing environment

Corporate gifts
Bringing pleasure to your corporate event entrance, tables or scattered among products.   Small tins are ideal gifts  for your participants to long remember your event

Beautiful funeral scatter
So lovely to personally scatter over casket (small tin) or having the Plantfetti available for others to scatter from the  Jumbo Jar.  Unique final resting place scatter, around ashes or around a pet’s burial site

Fresh Flower replacement
Long lasting Plantfetti is the ideal option for replacing fresh flowers for ongoing enjoyment and long lasting memory

Use for any celebration including graduation, christening, or any joyful event.  Small tins for single confetti scatter or your choice of larger sizes for family group or scattered on celebration dining table.  Beautiful gift as a memory to celebrate any occasion

A burst of cheerful colour & texture – The love of nature in every scatter!

We are a boutique ethically based business with a focus on sustainability.  Using flowers, leaves, natives & herbs, with a little natural Arroz.  That is all we use! Nature’s bounty, free of preservatives & additives, decomposing naturally as nature intended.

Colour of Plantfetti differs marginally with each season.  Our Plantfetti  always produces vibrant mixed colour and texture including wild flowers, roses, medicinal herb flowers, coloured leaves, green leaves, scented leaves & flowers plus native plant leaves & petals

Plantfetti is predominantly wild foraged from spray free areas around NZ and organic gardens in Bay of Plenty by a traditional herbalist and forager who comes from a long line of woman who have always foraged.

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