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Believe in a better way

Prana+Therapy “Life’s essential remedy” is an advanced aromatherapy revolutionary, innovative health care product that is designed to address a multitude of skin, body, mind, as well as home, office, sport, travel and pet needs.

Prana+Therapy exists because we “believe in a better way” promoting living in a compassionate manner. We value sustainability, reusability, recyclability and with Prana+Therapy replacing so many other products it becomes an economic saver and saves countless other packages.

There is nothing in  the world like Prana+Therapy and we are so fortunate to have it as the founder had severe chemical sensitivities and used her aromatherapy training to not only heal herself but also the world.

Prana+Therapy should be used on the hands, face and everywhere 20-50 times a day and is safe for everyone to use. The benefits are received through inhalation or absorption through the skin and by simply spraying it on your face we and many others experience a happy, calming yet refreshing feeling.

Prana+Therapy is anti-bacterial, viral, inflammatory, depressive, infection and has over 100 health benefits in each spray and our world challenger to the status quo is made right here in NZ just north of Auckland.


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