About Santosa

Santosa’s Mission

We appreciate you. We recognise that you are important. In fact, your health is our top priority. Here at Santosa, we are self-care advocators.

That’s why we’ve created a range of lifestyle products, lovingly handcrafted with 100% natural ingredients, specifically with your well-being in mind.

Too many ‘natural’ products out there are still riddled with difficult to pronounce ingredients, or have their priorities more focussed towards helping the environment.

Here at Santosa, you are our numero uno. Free from hidden nasty chemicals and harsh synthetic ingredients, you can be rest assured that with our products, you really are detoxifying your life and nourishing your body.

What does Santosa actually mean?

Santosa (pronounced: San-Toe-Sha) reminds us of the simple yet important ways that we aim to live our lives. It teaches us to accept that life is about growth and to explore and learn from every lesson in all of our experiences. It encourages us to appreciate the small things and to enjoy every moment. It inspires us to accept what is and be content just as we are and with what we have. Amidst the materialistic and frantic society we live in, Santosa reminds us to slow down and savour the journey, rather than focusing on the end goal.

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