About Spa Scrub Supplies

Welcome to our store, home of HAPPY MAMA coffee scrub & our fab berry infused tea scrub.

We started out after our son & his wife brought  back some coffee from Hawaii. It was choc raspberry & it was devine   It was too good to discard so , (coming from a cosmetic background) we  added a few things & created a coffee scrub & it too was devine, thus our first product was born.

When our daughter in law had their first baby, I wanted to make up a pamper pack for new Mums , we created H A P P Y  M A M A.

Our ESPRESSO coffee scrub is especially popular with serious coffee lovers- it is v good!!

Our T scrubs are also popular & we now have a berry infused tea scrub, a peppermint foot scrub & a rose spa scrub on the way. Natural oils, salts & sugars combined with coffee grounds or tea components make up our products.

We are also setting up a subscription model for those who don’t like to run out & want to know their next one is on its way. There are also extra goodies & special offers too.

We look forward to being of service to you – ENJOY.




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