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SPRUCE dishcloths

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Tired of using paper towels, bags and tissues that just end up as landfill?

Say hello to our reusable alternatives and find out why our products get the best reviews. By choosing these award winning, earth friendly products you are protecting your family and the planet for future generations.

Make the upgrade to our compostable, plant based, hard-working and ridiculously good-looking alternatives AND enjoy toxin and chemical free products. Safer choices for you and your home.


“The Swedish dishcloth I bought from you is going. It’s had 6 months of heavy use and it is still in amazing shape, no tears and is still looking just about the same as when I first bought it. I’m actually blown away at what an amazing synthetic sponge alternative this product is, i’m converted for life!” Beck

“I have just received my produce bags and they look great. Speedy delivery and received in good order. Can’t wait to use them next shopping day. They will look so much better than those horrible plastic bags and I will be telling my family and friends where to buy. Thank you” Sandy

“I think the bags are really useful and really well thought through. They are invaluable in hand luggage on a plane. All the small things gravitate to the bottom of your bag and get tied up in the bigger bits unless you are wide awake and fully functioning. Which I don’t want to be, I try to hibernate for the duration of a flight!”  Clare


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