About The Re-Creators

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Helping people help the planet

The ReCreators is a Social Enterprise based in Auckland, New Zealand, which promotes Upcycling either through purchasing products pre-made, custom-made or by learning to do it yourself (DIY) through workshops.

We are a diverse and talented group of upcycling artisans promoting creativity, mindful making and sustainability. We offer various upcycling workshops for children, adults and corporates, as well as an online store.

All of our prices incorporate the true cost of labour and materials which includes the Living Wage as a minimum. We offer a shared website for ReCreator artisans to work collaboratively while we manage the collective marketing, events and sales. The materials we use are either discarded or offcuts that would otherwise be destined for landfill.  We feel they are beautiful and deserve a second chance on this planet.


Products from The Re-Creators