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Wairere  Heights is a small farm in Far North of  the North Island. This hidden treasure was just about to disappear becoming another pine tree forestry block.  Fortunately we discovered this beautiful place and decided to purchase it.

Stunning views, mesmerising forest with the Native trees, Manuka and Kanuka bushes, natural springs and NZ geological wonder known as Wairere Boulders , What Is not to love about our farm?!

The farm is run by my mother Nina and myself Irina . As new farmers support from the local Community was highly appreciated during our first couple of years.
But we didn’t come empty handed: Nina had a bee keeping experience and 25 years of experience producing In-house Cosmetic beeswax creams and balms. Having plenty of Manuka and Kanuka  bushes and  forest full of flowering trees it was no brainer for us to know what we would be doing: producing honey and beeswax creams.

Beeswax cream has been around for ages.There are two  main ingredients in this type of cream: beeswax and oil. Plenty  of recipes are available for everyone to make their own version. However  the main challenge is to find a perfect balance between oil and wax. We modified our own formula allowing our creams to be soft enough and not too oily.

We offer creams with Avocado, Olive and Macadamia oils. All our creams contain only natural ingredients without artificial preservatives, additives and colouring. Its a truly great natural product and we are confident your skin will love it.*


*Disclaimer: beeswax cream is not recommended  If allergic to any bee product

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