About Misce Botanicals

We are blessed to live in the beautiful West Coast of New Zealand between the spectacular Taranaki mountain and the sea. Our products are designed to be as clean as we can make them, ethically sourced and exhaustively researched and developed. Where possible, we prefer to support New Zealand suppliers and incorporate ingredients sourced from New Zealand plants. We are not a big corporate selling you pre-mixed fragrances from a far off manufacturer we are a small, family company striving to produce the highest quality, pure products we can.

Every part of the product is agonised over to ensure minimal impact. From compostable courier bags and paper based packing to minimization of plastics, Misce are working towards a net Carbon Zero impact. “The only legacy we want to leave is beautifully presented products that positively impact on people’s lives.”

Our products avoid: Parabens, Phthalates and mineral oils, but more importantly contain luxurious oils extracted from a variety of plants chosen for their unique properties and fragrance. Misce encourage you to read the list of ingredients and follow the Facebook and Instagram posts to find out more about the myriad of benefits.


Products from Misce Botanicals